Fluid Sciences IS! We are a TEAM and product of many…many experiences, many relationships, many understandings of industry dynamics, and much knowledge gained through long hard work and devotion to the printing industry. Fluid Sciences can boast of its team; a team built of chemists, press engineers, press room managers, tech service reps, and press operators. Our diverse make up and the synergy that is created is unique and allows us to draw conclusions and solutions from many different points of view.

Serving Printers

“Fluid Sciences, Inc. was created from a life long goal to take part in creating, developing, and growing a business. After many years of dedication, preparation and service to the printing industry this goal has come to fruition.”

– Perry W. Auton

Possessing Vision

“I am only a part of a small, yet growing group of dedicated individuals within this organization we call Fluid Sciences, Inc. The vision to provide more to the industry is believed, shared and lived by this group of dedicated individuals.”

– Perry W. Auton

Looking Forward

“We are thankful for the friends and loyal customers that share a part in this endeavor and look forward to introducing ourselves to the many dedicated printers we do not yet know.”

– Perry W. Auton


The mission of Fluid Sciences is to provide the industry, and its customers with top-quality products and top-quality service through continual investment in its people, processes and Research & Development.

Our customers are the reason we exist. We will continue the never ending pursuit in improving our products, our services, our company and ourselves so our customers can focus on ever improving their processes.